Season 40 Game 670. Are we not Maslow's Men?

Thoughts on the game from the Silver Surfer

Legend has it that, as Maslow lay on his deathbed, he sat up and said, “no, there is a level beyond self-actualisation, it is the actualisation of others!” With that utterance he transitioned into another realm beyond our ken.  But it does raise the very real possibility that, as a collective, we Bombers have reached the top of the pyramid whereby we enable others to reach their full potential. How else but to explain our generosity in conceding 4.75 goals a game this season? Rejoice Bombers, for we have reached the summit of human development!

I propose that the Bombers are, in fact, akin to the Dunedin study - a 40-year observation of Maslow’s postulation played out.  Cast your minds back to where you were 30 or 35 years ago. Were you not struggling away at the bottom levels of Maslow’s hierarchy, securing employment for safety, food, and shelter?  From there you set about securing love and belonging, your involvement in the Bombers’ brotherhood central to the attainment of that step in Maslow’s pyramid.

The objective observer would say the degree to which Maslow’s next levels of human attainment, esteem and self-actualisation, have been achieved are unevenly represented through the Bombers’ tribe. However, when it comes to actualising other, as a collective we have arrived.

The game this week is a case in point. The first half was an even tallying back and forth, and for long periods Gyles was restless in his goal but for Doc’s conversation.  But our generosity and actualisation of others was not too far away with two goals conceded before the break. The half time pep talk from Maslow’s conductor of ceremonies was predictable.

“For God’s sake guys, I can’t do it alone. I can only let in what you give me! We’ve got to give them more space. Hang off the tackles, stop marking, and for God’s sake, lose shape in the midfield! And Gene, what the hell are you thinking? You had acres of time to compose yourself and miss.”

Heads hung low, we returned to the field and resumed the glorious work of actualising others. The last five minutes was spent in the opposition penalty box with a flurry of activity, but each time we selflessly cleared the ball off their goal line.  What joy!

Kirk, leaping like Michael Jordan, ruptures his archilles and provides an opportunity for a budding A & E intern to actualise. Stent Boy selflessly donates a windshield for an auto glazier’s self-expression.

Winston Churchill said, “We make a living by what we get; we make a life by what we give”.  Men, what lives we are living!