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There are only 19 Bombers. By August most years there are only 9 Bombers. Fresh transfusions of new blood are always welcome. Under 40 and spritely are desired, but old, jaded, cynical and nasty are accepted. Please note our disability quota is filled, so no more dwarves, narcissists, lawyers or baldies please.


Open Positions


Currently filled on an ad hoc basis by Assistant Gardener. This contract expires each year, pending arrival of a suitable new placement. This new placement is not JB. Or Hilda. Both have their merits, but do not fit the padded pants.


  • Calm in the face of wave after wave of unresisted attacks
  • Tall enough to put the nets up, and take them down
  • Rolling the ball to Hansie when he is closely marked and not looking
  • Grumpy


Our team is well stocked in this department yet statistics show whenever we lose games it is because we concede goals.


  • Ability to start fights, through clumsiness and/or malice
  • Ability to avoid involvement in fights once started
  • Ability to ignore grumpy goalkeeper
  • A fear of the halfway line

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